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How does Zoafile work

Zoafile provides an easy way for owners to collaborate, manage and search data that pertains to animal health. A Zoafile is owned by the animal owner to centralize health data. A Zoafile can be shared with anyone, like a spouse for emergency access, a dog walker or a new veterinary provider.

Get started in 2 easy steps.

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How to import existing records

If you are looking for records held at a veterinary providers, consider this blog post on how to obtain medical records from your veterinary provider. There are currently two ways to import medical records (we are working on adding more):

Forward emails from your veterinary providers to your animal unique inbox.

Each animal has a unique email address to receive data, pdf files and diagnostic images. Navigate to the first entry for a given animal to locate this unique email address as shown below. Then locate emails in your inbox sent by your veterinary providers that have medical data attachments. Forward the emails to your animal unique inbox address. Note that records sent to the animal unique email may take up to 48 hours before they show up on the Zoafile.

Upload existing files

Existing files can be imported by attaching them to a new health entry as shown below.

How to login to Zoafile

Zoafile login is associated with your email. To login, access and enter the email that will be tied to your Zoafile profile. If you are a veterinary professional, please use your work email.

How to create an account

Zoafile login is associated with your email. If you have an email, then you automatically have an account. To login, access and enter the email that will be tied to your Zoafile profile. If you are a veterinary professional, please use your work email.

How to create a health entry

Each health entry is part of the health record for your animal. Create entries for clinic visits or events that pertain to your animal's health.

How to visualize pdf files

The content of pdf files found in health entries is shown underneath the entry. You may swipe to navigate between the different pages of the pdf or pinch to zoom. Click the file to download the pdf file locally. If multiple files are present in a single entry, swiping will navigate between the files.

How to search

The content of health records is fully searchable. Enter keywords in the search box to see matching entries. Here are a couple examples of search queries:

  • Searching for emergency contact returns entries that contain both words.
  • Searching for emergency OR contact returns entries that contain either word.
  • Searching for "emergency contact" returns entries that contain the exact sequence of words.
How to share

Sharing health records with a spouse, an animal caregiver or a veterinary provider can be done by first clicking on the Manage button for an animal and then clicking Share with someone.

What's in a name

We picked the name Zoafile because "Zoa" is a suffix that means animals and file is a term commonly used to describe a collection of health records.

Why are there fees to transfer ownership

In most cases, ownership of animals is pretty straightforward. But in a few cases, ownership may get a little messy. For example, the ownership of a dog in the middle of a divorce or a stray cattle found on a neighborhood farm. We charge an ownership transfer fee because we believe that it helps us:

  • process ownership disputes more effectively.
  • make ownership transfers more secure, traceable and trusted by all parties involved.
  • strengthen a new owner's commitment to an animal.
  • increase stability for animals by disincentivizing frequent ownership changes.

If you are in a special situation where the ownership transfer fee is an issue, please let us know at We sometimes waive the ownership transfer fee on compassionate grounds.

If I cancel my subscription, will I lose access to my data

No. You will not lose access to your data. Our mission is to provide access to animal health information. Any data uploaded to Zoafile will stay accessible, for free, forever. Adding new data requires a paid plan if you manage more than one animal.